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$50 Camp Box
Unfortunately, due to anticipated social distancing restrictions, we are not going to be able to provide our traditional SSS Bible Camp experience this summer.  We believe it is more important than ever for our children to continue to grow in their faith this summer, therefore, we are offering Rocky Railway as a Take-Home Bible Camp.  Elementary and Pre-School Versions both available.
Benefits of Take-Home Bible Camp are:
Hands on Activities to Build Faith – Once children have finished school they will have a lot of free time this summer, these activities will keep kids active in faith formation instead of becoming bored.
Flexibility – Balancing schedules is challenging, you can begin and end camp when it works for your family’s schedule.
Family Engagement – No more wondering what your child did at camp today, you will participate with your child and engage in faith formation together as a family.
Partner with a Friend – Depending on what restrictions there are this summer, you may be able to partner with a friend and share camp leadership duties.
Each Take-Home Bible Camp Box will include the following:
1 Sing & Play Express Music Student Download Card
*5 Imagination Station Discovery Activities (pictured below)
5 Railway Faith Crafts
5 Bible Buddies and Carabiner (pictured below)
*1 Tracking With Jesus Paperback Bible Book (pictured below)
2 Service Projects
1 Rocky Railway Sticker Sheet
1 Rocky Railway Banduras Neck Gaiter (pictured below)
1 Custom T-Shirt
Plus instructions on how to engage your child in a faith-filled Bible Camp experience including games to play and outlines of daily Bible lessons
**We are also hoping to have links to Bible Stories and Camp Music videos prepared by our junior volunteers, but that will depend on what restrictions we are under for the month of June.
* Pre-school version will include modified Imagination Station Activities and Pre-school worksheets in place of Tracking with Jesus Paperback Bible Book.
Each box will be priced at $50, but we will also have an Add-On Rocky Railway Snack Pack (sold separately) for an additional $25.
Camp Boxes and Snack Packs will be available for scheduled pick-up on Sunday, July 12th.
$25 Snack Pack
Each Snack Pack includes 5 days of Rocky Railway themed snacks for one camper:
Each snack comes with a write-up on how the snack fits into the daily theme.  
Day 1: Chew Chew Tracks (campers design pretzel logs and Twizzlers to look like train tracks)
Day 2: Bagel Train Tunnel (campers use mini bagels and cream cheese cut in half to build their own train tunnel)
Day 3: Coal Crunch (a fun version of a Rice Krispie Treat, made with Cocoa Krispies and Oreo Cookies to look like train coal)
Day 4: Wafer Railroad Crossing (crossed wafer cookies with a red candy in the center to look like railroad crossing signal)
Day 5: Railroad Crossing Pops (yellow candy dipped Oreo Cookie Pop with Railroad Crossing decoration)
Camp Boxes and Snack Packs will be available for scheduled pick-up on Sunday, July 12th.
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For questions or if you would like additional information please email the Religious Education Office at [email protected]