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 Athletic Policies & Procedures

  1. The STUDENT comes first in the word student-athlete. As stated in school policy passing grades and appropriate classroom behavior is required for participation. After grades are issued if a student has received a failing grade or “check” for behaves inappropriately he/she will be put on a two-week period of probation and not allowed to attend practice/games. If during this two week period the athlete shows improvement than he/she, with written teacher approval, may return to the sport
  2. Attendance will be kept at all practices and games. To be a member of a Saint Elizabeth athletic team the student must participate in all scheduled practices and games. This does not include excused practices / games. If you are unable to attend a practice or a game you must contact your coach 24 hours in advance.
  3. St. Elizabeth practice and games take priority over other activities. If a student chooses to participate in another activity other than a scheduled sports practice, their choice will result in reduced playing time on the St. Elizabeth team. For those players who have attended practice, and have demonstrated effort and maturity, the coach will make every effort to play those players over the course of the season.
  4. The goal of every St. Elizabeth athletic team is the individual development of the student athlete. Life lessons such as commitment to a team, the value of good  sportsmanship, dealing with adversity, discipline and improvement of self through learning the fundamentals are taught and developed both at home and on the court/field during practice and games.

  5. “Win at all costs” is not part of the St. Elizabeth Athletics Program. At the beginning of each game we expect our teams to play to win. We will play to win but substitute as the course of the game dictates. Our emphasis is Team, Team, Team and the individual development of the student athlete. Each win and loss is an opportunity to discuss how the game was played, what was learned, how the players feel they interacted and changes or strategies that need to be made for future games.
  6. For grades 3-6, all athletes receive an equal amount of playing time for the first three quarters and the coach determines play–time for the fourth quarter. For grades 7 & 8, the coach determines play–time; we play to win but use the team. Equal play time does not apply to a team participating in an Independent Tournament. Play–time will be determined by the coach when participating in an Independent Tournament. The focus of all programs will be personal improvement through practice and play.
  7. Teamwork, fair play and cooperation is emphasized at all practices and games. It
    involves attitude, fairness and a willingness to cooperate to have a successful experience for all. If a coach feels a player is acting in an unacceptable manner towards his teammates or coaches, that player will be given one warning and if the behavior
    continues the coach will ask them to leave practice or sit out a game. Team building and
    team social activities will be encouraged.

  8. Players are responsible for their uniforms and any other school equipment associated with the sport. If uniforms are not returned at the end of the season, the player will have to pay to replace them.
  9. Students must be supervised by an adult at all times. Students are to remain in the hall until their designated practice time. They may enter the gym when their coach arrives. There must be a parental volunteer, coach or teacher present when students are practicing.
  10. Proper attire is required for all practices and games. Jewelry is prohibited.
  11. All required forms and fee are required by the first week of school. All forms can be
    downloaded from the School of St. Elizabeth website.
  12. Game equipment is provided; students should not bring equipment.
  13. Only coaches, teachers or parents are allowed in the equipment room. Students are not allowed to go in the equipment room.
  14. Students may have water bottles at practice / games. No food or other drink is allowed in the gym.
  15. Parents will be required to volunteer for the Basketball Program and other sports as
    needed. Volunteer assignments for parents at games and meets are necessary for your
    child to participate in athletics.