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The School of Saint Elizabeth is a Catholic School offering programs for Pre-K through eighth grade, delivering premier academic standards and expectations for educational excellence, faith, citizenship, responsibility, kindness, and respect. Walking through our doors, you’ll immediately sense the spirit of our dedication to those children we have the privilege to serve. Our faculty and staff are equally committed to providing a balanced, challenging, and comprehensive education to empower every student to achieve his/her full potential as a lifelong learner and an active, contributing member of society.
Our vision continues to be excellence without boundaries, offering exceptional educational opportunities alongside our emphasis on Catholic values within a positive, respectful, caring, learning community. In thought and application, School of St. Elizabeth promotes the development of academic, spiritual, and social competencies. Our focus on continuous and collaborative professional development ensures our teachers are current and knowledgeable in delivering research-based instruction. The St. E’s curriculum emphasizes problem solving, the construction of knowledge, and the integration of technology across all subjects to allow individual growth and achievement for every student.
We embrace a collaborative culture that improves our school’s capacity to instill a love for learning.  A student-centered approach to teaching and skills mastery enables students at all levels to achieve their potential and experience the fulfillment of success. Our integrated curriculum supports the comprehensive educational and spiritual growth of our students, with challenging and multi-faceted cross-curricular connections in Mathematics, Science, STEM/STREAM, Language Arts, Religion, Social Studies, Music and Fine Arts. By eighth grade, our students demonstrate high school readiness with the completion of an intensive Capstone Project, focused on a topic of their choice. 
School of St. Elizabeth delivers a comprehensive standards-based literacy program, driven by proven methods for maximizing how children learn, both as individuals and within a community of readers and writers. Each day, our children are actively engaged in purposeful instruction laser-focused on transforming even our youngest students into fluent and competent readers, writers, and thinkers.
We’ve invested in a new mathematics curriculum developed by a team of expert faculty and educational collaborators, delivering a research-based program with state-of-the art learning materials and instructional approaches for providing balanced, differentiated instruction to meet the individual learning needs of our students. The program builds conceptual understanding within a concrete/pictorial/abstract model and scaffolding instruction across all grade levels. Our math department remains focused on the application of knowledge acquired, real-world problem solving, and the communication of mathematical ideas.
As a Future Ready NJ Certified school with AdvancED STEM certification, our collective goal is to establish a life-long love of learning and provide a purposeful, productive learning environment where children can explore, create, and grow academically, spiritually, and socially. School of St. Elizabeth is proud to be the area’s premier choice for traditional learning where the compelling motivators are our dedication to learning and achievement, student well-being, commitment to Catholic values, and service to others within a professional learning community.
Joseph Walsh