Principals Welcome

Welcome to the School of Saint Elizabeth!


Welcome to the School of Saint Elizabeth!

As you tour our website, you will learn about our philosophy, our programs and all of the exceptional happenings that take place at our school.

As principal, I believe that all children require a caring environment that is safe and structured, an environment that allows and provides for individual and collective growth. Children who participate in their individual learning also impact their peers academically and socially. This caring culture is based on Christian values that permeate all activities. Since each child is a unique individual, he or she has the right to learn in his or her own way to ensure success. To this end instructional strategies such as differentiated learning, school wide enrichment, independent learning, and targeted supplemented instruction ensure the academic success of all students. Our “flipped/blended’ Math in our middle school and our transition to Latin instruction are examples of these instructional endeavors.

It is also important to note as a Catholic community of learners, that maximizing our learning via collaborative learning is also critical to our overall success. Initiatives for the 2016-­2017 school year will include the continued development of a sense of empathy via service. Our children have responded well to the challenge to “just do something” for others during the past four years and have registered these good works on our website. All of our students will do more in this area as we develop projects to “give back” as a community. We hope to have our eighth graders continue our relationship with our “sister schools,” Immaculate Conception, Bronx NY and St. Nicholas School, Jersey City for joint service projects this year. We are planning a service activity at the Bernardsville Audubon in the fall and/or spring.

My vision for the School of St. Elizabeth comes from its existing mission statement: “to impact the world positively by nurturing children with Christian values in a Catholic academic tradition of excellence.” We at our school have a ninety­nine year history and tradition that we will rely upon as we move forward in the future. We look forward to our hundred year celebration that will commenced in the spring of 2016 and will continue through the spring of 2017.

During the past eight years, we have begun technology upgrade initiatives. We are using Google Apps for Education, interactive whiteboards, Chrome Books, tablets, and other assistive technologies. This is in addition to our Elmo projectors and our own mobile internet ready lap top labs. Our school utilizes the Power School program to communicate with parents regarding student progress. This web ­based application automates critical functions such as attendance, classroom grading and reporting. Parents are able to gain access to their children’s grades and track their progress. This time­saving tool allows our school to focus on our primary missions – faith formation and student achievement. All middle school students will have access to a Chrome book which will drive our teaching and learning.

We are also offering several exciting professional development opportunities for our instructional staff. Some of these offerings will be coordinated by the Diocese of Metuchen, and some will be funded and sponsored through NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND grant money. Some of these topics are in the area of reading and writing instruction, project based learning, managing change, differentiated instruction, co­teaching strategies interdisciplinary unit planning, the further adapting to Common Core State Standards, new assessment trends, school­wide enrichment, independent study, the visual and performing arts and successfully incorporating computer technology to drive effective instruction. Our school continues to maintain the dual accreditation of AdvancEd and Middle States. As our school moves forward we remain committed to ensuring excellence in staff development opportunities which is a critical microcosm of creating lifelong learners in our professional staff and our students.

Please feel free to visit our school. We love the excellent things occurring here. Our halls resonate with warmth and positive energy.

Thank you and God bless you.

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