Lower School Scores

The charts below show raw scores for Saint Elizabeth students Grades 3-5 on the Terra Nova achievement test for the 2015-16 school year.

  • Comparison of scale scores St. E average as compared to Diocese of Metuchen.
  • Scale scores = raw scores 800 being a perfect score.
  • Scores indicate performance exceeds diocese in all grades/content areas except *Gr. 8 Reading.
  • St. E is at or near the top of the Diocese in most grades/content areas especially in Mathematics where our third through eighth grades outperform their Diocesan peers by an average of 24 points.
  • 61% of all students from grade three to grade 8 increased their scale score in Reading by 10 points or more from the preceding grade.
  • 81% of all students in grades three to eight increased their scale score in Math from the preceding grade.